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Loom The Culture Map

Diversity + Inclusion Analytics

Loom The Culture Map® is revolutionizing how companies understand and improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Our assessment platform allows you to retain top talent through proactive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies.

We help you support the long term goals of your company by optimizing your workplace culture.

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Measure the inclusivity of your organization and create a customized plan to realize your potential

We start by assessing belonging along with other over 80 different competencies and patterns of behavior at an individual, group, and organization level.

We help you answer tough questions and understand the gaps 

Loom defines the inclusion gaps that exist between and among organizational and demographic groups. We clarify the nuances that exist between groups and pinpoint areas of opportunity.

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Your inclusivity is only as good as your accountability strategy. We can help.

Loom identifies, trends, strengths, weaknesses, and potential risks, and offers you actionable strategies for improvement tailored to your needs.

Loom The Culture Map

We are a Womxn + Minority Owned Company.

Loom The Culture Map® is based on over 20 years of professional diversity and inclusion work. As an inclusion first company, we have worked hard to ensure privacy and ethical design practices are baked into every aspect of our product. Our background as DEI practitioners has allowed us to build a platform that is thoughtful and impact driven.

To learn more about our founder and their work, visit our sister company TMI Consulting, Inc.